University of California, San Diego

Introduction to Medical Ethics

A lecture delivered to all MS1s of UCSD’s Medical School. We touch on the importance of ethics in the hospital, the central principles of medical ethics, and Jonsen’s “four box” method of ethics case analysis before diving into central concepts of medical ethics like (e.g., decision-making capacity, surrogates decision-making, futility, etc.)


University of California, Los Angeles

Medical Decision-Making Capacity

A lecture delivered monthly to the UCLA Geriatrics residents about medical decision-making capacity. We touch on why capacity is a central concept in contemporary medicine, discuss the idea of capacity as a threshold concept, and then outline the four major elements of decision-making capacity by exploring complex cases.

As Adjunct Assistant Professor at Palomar College

Introduction to Ethics (Undergraduate Course — Online) Fall 2020

This is an introductory course into ethical theory and ethical issues. We’ll start with an exploration of major ethical theories — e.g., deontology, consequentialism, virtue ethics. With these theoretical foundations, we’ll then look at various issues from an ethical perspective. We’ll explore issues such as world poverty, immigration, animal rights, racism, sexism, abortion, euthanasia, and climate change.

As Adjunct Assistant Professor at Palomar College

Introduction to Ethics (Undergraduate Course — Online) Spring 2021

Introduction to Ethics (Undergraduate Course — Online) Fall 2020

Critical Thinking (Undergraduate Course) Spring, 2020

As Lead Instructor at Goethe University Frankfurt

Biomedical Ethics (Undergraduate Course) Summer, 2018

Environmental Ethics (Undergraduate Course) Winter, 2017

American Political Thought (Graduate Course) Summer, 2016

Environmental Ethics (Undergraduate Course) Winter, 2015

Legitimacy and Justice (Undergraduate Course) Summer, 2015

As Teaching Assistant at San Diego State University

Morality of War & Peace, (Online Undergraduate Course) Summer, 2011

Critical Thinking and Composition (Undergraduate Course) Fall, 2010

Morality of War & Peace (Online Undergraduate Course) Summer, 2010

CEIP Martinez Parras

Multiple-Subject English as a Second Language Courses (Primary School and High School Courses) 2008–2009