About Me

I am the Senior Clinical Ethics Fellow with the University of California, Los Angeles’ Health Ethics Center. My research falls under the broad umbrella of practical ethics, with specific focus on clinical ethics, bioethics, and environmental ethics. Currently, I am working on issues related to medical decision-making capacity, just health care resource allocation, and physician obligations with respect to futile medical treatment. Before joining UCLA, I was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, San Diego’s Institute for Practical Ethics (2018-2021), the Bernheim Postdoctoral Fellow in Social Responsibility at the Université catholique de Louvain’s Hoover Chair (2017), and a Predoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (2016-2017). I have articles published or forthcoming in: Bioethics; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; Journal of Applied PhilosophyGlobal Environmental Politics; Ethics, Policy, & the Environment; Moral Philosophy and Politics; and the Journal of Global Ethics. And my first book, Climate Engineering: A Normative Perspective, was published in 2019 with Lexington Books. Outside of work, I can be found hiking, golfing, and surfing throughout Southern California.