1. Climate Engineering: A Normative Perspective, (Lexington Books, 2019).

Academic Journal Articles

  1. The Ethical Landscape of Gene Drive Research, forthcoming: Bioethics.
  2. The Slippery Slope Argument against Geoengineering Research,  Journal of Applied Philosophy.
  3. The Potential for Climate Engineering with Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosol Injections to Reduce Climate Injustice, Journal of Global Ethics Co-authors: Toby Svoboda, Peter Irvine, Masa Sugiyama.
  4. Institutional Legitimacy and Geoengineering Governance, Ethics, Policy, & Environment.
  5. Solar Geoengineering and Democracy, Global Environmental Politics. Co-authors: Joshua Horton, Jesse Reynolds, Holly Jean Buck, Stefan Schaefer, David Keith, Steve Rayner.
  6. Brain Drain, Contracts, and Moral Obligation, Moral Philosophy and Politics.

Articles under Review

  1. Morally Assessing Alternative Climate Policies.Co-author: Darrel Moellendorf.
  2. Bednets or Biotechnology? Prioritizing Current of Future Persons.

Published Book Reviews

  1. Review of Toby Svoboda’s The Ethics of Climate Engineering. In: Ethics, Policy, & Environment.
  2. Review of Aaron Maltais and Catriona McKinnon’s The Ethics of Climate Governance. In: Environmental Ethics.
  3. Review of David Keith’s A Case for Climate Engineering & Mike Hulme’s Can Science Fix Climate Change? In: Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric.

Public Pieces

  1. Researching at the Top of a Slippery Slope? Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment (July, 2019).
  2. How to Legitimately Govern GeoengineeringCarnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (February, 2019).
  3. 1.5°C: What’s the Big Deal? Agenda for International Development (February, 2019).
  4. Future Climate Policy and the Right to Sustainable Development, Agenda for International Development (October, 2018).
  5. Technologies for a Stable Future Climate, Agenda for International Development (November, 2017). Co-author: Dominic Lenzi.
  6. US Climate Policy under President Trump: Why the Sky is Dark but not Falling, Agenda for International Development (December, 2016).
  7. Combating Climate Change with Geoengineering, Agenda for International Development (May, 2016).
  8. El Acuerdo de Paris, Interview (in Spanish) with Paula Campos of Radio Universidad Chile (January 29, 2016).
  9. Adaptation after the Paris Negotiations: Who Ought to Foot the Bill? Agenda for International Development (December, 2015).